Using Droplets as a Vessel for Efficient Enzyme Optimization

Finding the correct enzyme can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. At Allozymes, we employ our proprietary microfluidics technology to build the next generation enzyme engineering platform. Our platform can build and test millions of enzymes per day, boosting the likelihood of success by 200x in developing the most effective enzymes. We have developed oxidases, reductases, isomerases, and hydrolases for our customers, 10x faster, compared to robotics technology. By increasing the speed of development and the probability of success, we accelerate innovative product introduction and time to market. We are expanding our droplet as a vessel platform towards building complete biosynthetic solutions for sustainable bioproduction of high-value, specialty ingredients.


Faster enzyme engineering than robotics


Higher chance of success compare to current enzyme engineering technologies


Enzyme variants analyzed per day



Sector agnostic fee for service model for single enzyme engineering and optimization.

Improved feedstock conversion (enzyme specificity) and product yield for an alcohol dehydrogenase.

Optimised a bottleneck transaminase enzyme for improved metabolic flux.


Develop and/or license custom enzymes or strains for specialty processes in the food and chemical industry for value-added ingredients.

Developed a custom enzyme to upcycle lignocellulosic waste for a healthier fiber ingredient.

Developed enzymatic (cell-free) or strain (cell-based) process for the production of high-value natural cosmaceuticals.


Develop and commercialize efficient biosynthetic routes for sustainable bioproduction of high-value specialty ingredients for food and fine chemicals.

Completed the first step of commercializing our biosynthetic product, which is a hard-to-source and scale anti-aging and wellness ingredient.

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