Top-rated Dutch is Allozymes’ Next Heavy Hitter

Meet one of our upcoming family members, Dr. Erik De Vries, as Allozymes’ Technical Advisor.

Dr. Erik has almost 30 years of experience of developing enzymatic technology in academia and industry. Before joining Allozymes, he has held various managerial and business development positions at Dottikon, Amyris, Purolite and Codexis developing biocatalytic manufacturing of a range of fine and specialty chemicals and natural materials using chemo-enzymatic processes. 

In his six and a half years at Codexis, he believed in Codexis’ cause and helped them deliver and grow in California. Throughout this journey, Codexis and its leaders believed in him. He was made Business Manager Metabolites, and then Director of R&D Management a few years later. He enjoyed being in charge of service projects in the field of phase 1 metabolite synthesis and isolation, as well as streamlining the portfolio of cytochrome P450 products that made him both smarter and more insightful.

He had also gained deep insights from doing what he loved best – giving many biocatalysis seminars across Europe, US, and Japan – bringing new energy, logic and fresh wisdom to our world. Dr. Erik spent the last couple of years plotting the scientific strategy of a cellulase enzyme development project in Singapore for Codexis before considering our sunny island his ‘home away from home’, and Allozymes his next family of enzymes.

“I am excited to join Allozymes. With their cutting-edge microfluidics platform they can lower the cost of enzymatic technology, make it accessible to every industry, and work on solving some of the world’s biggest problems,” says Dr. Erik.  

We are absolutely delighted to have Dr. Erik join our team. His great background will be a tremendous asset to the office for years to come. Once again, a warm welcome to the office!

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